How would it feel to love your body?

Embrace (12A)

A positive film about body image

Taryn Brumfitt′s powerful documentary tells the story of how she found herself at the centre of a media storm after posting a candid ‘before and after’ photo online that ignited a worldwide frenzy and saw the image viewed over 100 million times.

Despite being happily married, and successfully juggling motherhood while running a thriving business, Taryn was privately struggling with crippling body image issues. She contemplated drastic action, including plastic surgery, before deciding that she needed to achieve the perfect body, taking up dedicated gym training and entering bodybuilding competitions.

However, even after attaining impressive abs and the supposed elusive bikini body, she was still unhappy. So she allowed her body to return to its natural shape and then took to Facebook to spread her message, posting the image that would soon be shared around the world. In the aftermath she received over 7,000 emails from women around the world wishing to share their personal stories of body image issues.

The documentary maker Taryn says “I felt really compelled to make the film because so many people had reached out to me. When I read those 7000 emails it wasn′t just females from 35 to 45 years of age that wrote to me - it was people from all walks of life sharing their stories of body image issues. This isn′t a fluffy, body image piece that gets tacked on to the end of a news segment, this is an issue that′s affecting millions of people every single day.”

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Hosted By: Tanith Lee and Lisa Moore, local health coaches and body positive advocates. Both are mothers to teenagers and are passionate about teaching others to love the body they′re in.  Contact: 07941 093170